COMPUTER POINT is India’s No.1 and the single largest computer chain having over 1000 centres all over the country with prestigious showrooms in the metropolis – Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta.

COMPUTER POINT was established in 1984 to form a bridge between computers and related products & services and the users for whom they are intended.

COMPUTER POINT, from the very inception, has been pioneering in bringing revolutionary concepts in the entire IT Industry enjoying the pride of introducing the brand new concept of ONE STOP COMPUTER SHOP in the very first decade of computer era.

COMPUTER POINT today has grown to be a gigantic network all over India having successfully provided quality product and services to a huge population of more than 5000 happy and satisfied customers.


  • One stop for all IT product(Range of Products)
  • Corporate House(Culture & Approach)
  • Professionally managed. (No personal interest, Performance oriented)
  • Value for money.(What you pay is for package solution not a product)
  • Neutral venue-deals in all range of a product.
  • National retail Chain-(Buy at one place-pay at other-service at third)
  • Backed by IT professionals not traders(can understand & technology)
  • Elite class showrooms in the heart of cities (Environment)
  • Warm Reception. (Hospitality)
  • Latest Technology displayed-close to technology-launching platform.
  • Well trained manpower to give the best(one training center for employees)
  • Counseling sales, not marketing (push) sales.
  • We see your point of view-in the interest of the customer.
  • Close to the customer.
  • Continues after sales support.
  • Computer point Sales-What customer needs not what he demands.
  • Soothing environment.
  • Benefits of multi location organization.
  • Stock & sell-Ready delivery.
  • Every customer is a valued customer.
  • One of the oldest & largest computer chain